Thought live streaming to China was impossible? Think again! Simply follow these easy steps to get your live stream in front of your audience in China with ease.

1) Create a live stream as you normally would.

2) When entering the RTMP URL from live studio, use this updated URL.


3) Enter the given stream key.

Please note that this key should be unique for your broadcast to China, and the same cannot be used for ANY other server address (RTMP URL).

4) For your worldwide audience that is outside of China - you can use the standard sharable link and embed code

5) For your audience that is located inside of China - it's recommended to change the source URL in the shareable link or embed code to from or to

This way your Chinese viewers will experience faster player loading time.

5) Ensure that the highest maximum bitrate inside of your encoder does not exceed 1mbps (1,000 kbps).

6) You must be a Premium user in order to use this functionality. If you are a Pro user, please upgrade to a Premium plan. See Pricing ( Updated on 15.07.2021 )

7) *OPTIONAL* To offer streaming quality options to your audience, use a powerful encoder like OBS or FLME to send three streams of different resolutions to trigger the multi-adaptive bitrate.

You can choose two lower resolutions like 500 and 200 kbps. Please note that the total bitrate between all 3 streams MUST NOT exceed 2000Kbps. Feel free to use the guides below to help you out:

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