Thought live streaming to China was impossible? Think again! Simply follow these easy steps to get your live stream in front of your audience in China with ease.

Streaming Only to China:

1) Create a live stream as you normally would.

2) When entering the RTMP URL from live studio, use this updated URL.


3) Enter the given stream key

4) When you're ready to share your live stream with your audience, you will need to change the source URL in the shareable link and embed code to

Streaming to China and the Rest of the World

1) Create two live streams: one for China, one for your worldwide audience

2) In your encoder, enter the RTMP URL and stream key from your Worldwide live studio

3) Under the Multistreaming tab, add a new Custom RTMP channel. (If you don't have Multistreaming, reach out to us via chat and request for it to be enabled)

4) Under RTMP Server URL enter rtmp:// and under Stream/name key, retrieve the key from the China live stream live studio, paste it there and save.

5) Share the embed code/shareable link with your worldwide audience as normal.

For your China audience, however, you will need to change the source URL inside the embed code/shareable link to

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