Using Yahoo to create your own SMTP server is a pretty straightforward procedure. Follow the steps below, and you'll be ready in no time. Provided you already have a registered account with Yahoo Mail, you can start by logging in, then going inside the Security Settings panel and clicking on Generate app password:

Choose Other app and name it whatever you wish to remember it by, for example SVP after which you press Generate:

Now copy YOUR newly generated password (and NOT the one you see on the screenshot below) from the box to your clipboard and click Done:

Return to your StreamingVideoProvider account control panel. Then navigate to Account Settings -> Miscellaneous -> Mail Server SMTP Settings and add a New SMTP Server, name it Yahoo or anything you want, and put in the following settings:

Password: paste-your-newly-generated-App-password-from-the-previous-step-here

SMTP Server:
Port: 465 or 587
Auth Type: LOGIN (default)
Secure Type: SSL
Auto TLS: Yes

Then we need to send a Test email to be able to verify the settings and ensure your emails will be received. Always use the same sender as your email address:
Sender email:
Send email to: any email you want and have access to

Once you confirm the Test email has been sent to the chosen address by finding and opening it in its inbox, you can then Save your settings, and if you wish to use Yahoo as your default SMTP server, you can click on Set As Default:

Now it's time to assign our SMTP server to our Order Confirmation Emails. Navigate to Account Settings -> PAY-PER-VIEW -> Order Confirmation Emails and create a new template using your newly created SMTP package. Name it, then choose your Yahoo SMTP package and finally Save it:

Set your order confirmation email template as Default by pressing Set As Default:

Create a new 2-Factor template. Choose a name for it, pick your Yahoo SMTP server package and Save it:

Set the new 2-Factor template to be the Default for all your tickets, by clicking on Set As Default:

Congratulations! You now have your own SMTP Email server up and running.

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