Have you created an advanced password package or used a simple password, but still a little unsure about how it all works?

Not to worry! Here's a very simplified version!

There are 3 main instances in which passwords are used:

Instance #1: When placed inside order confirmation emails

Instance #2: When created by you (either advanced or simple) and applied to videos/streams

Instance #3: When used to allow certain viewers to bypass a paywall

Let's break down these instances a little further.

Instance #1: Order Confirmation Emails

Whenever a viewer purchases a ticket from you, they are automatically sent an order confirmation email (whether from our PPV mailer or your custom SMTP). This email includes a computer-generated code.

With this code, your viewer will be able to enter it into the "Already have a ticket?" field.

This is likely to be used when:

A) A viewer wishes to use a different browser or device from the one used to purchase the PPV ticket


B) A viewer manually clears his/her browser cookies

Instance #2: Password Protection for Media

When you want your viewers to have to enter a password in order to access your video, you will use one of two methods to create passwords that must be manually sent to your audience. The first method is creating a simple password. Simply write in your password and send it to your audience. Keep in mind that simple password does not have "prevent password sharing" features.

That's where the second method comes in; advance password protection. This will allow you to set security parameters on your passwords, have the system generate thousands of them, and even create your own.

Instance #3: Bypassing Paywall

If you want to give a few select people access to your video for free while everyone else must purchase a ticket, you can create a simple or advanced password and give it to those lucky viewers, allowing them to bypass the paywall.

They'll enter this code into the "Already Have a Ticket?" field and Voila! they're enjoying the show.

Understanding how passwords work will give you the ability to completely customize your viewer's experience. So don't be afraid to play around with these settings a bit and find the perfect combination for you!

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