If you have used our services for a while, you would've at least once found the following loading circle inside your video playlist, after an upload:

It is caused by the internal re-encoding we have to make for any videos that aren't encoded in the correct format, before they can get published.

In order to quickly process new uploads they must follow these requirements:

  • Video codec must be H.264

  • Audio codec must be AAC (otherwise, sound won't play on Apple devices)

  • Bitrate must NOT be over 5Mbps

If a video does not match any of these requirements, it will be scheduled for an additional encoding which depending on the infrastructure load and file size, can take up to a few hours to process. Here are few examples of files that will be scheduled for encoding:

  1. video.mkv with Apple ProRes video codec

  2. video.mp4 with H.265 video codec

  3. video.mp4 with H.264 video and AAC audio codecs, 10Mbps bitrate

As you can see from the media info of that same sample file I have used, it was originally encoded as H.265 (HEVC), which meant I had to wait for its conversion, before I could publish it.

To avoid wasting time, always encode your videos in the correct format.

You can use Handbrake to do that. You'll find instructions on how to use it here.

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