We know what it's like to have an insufferable loading circle irritate us to no end. This typically happens when a viewed video's resolution (or bitrate) is much higher than our systems and internet connection can handle.

To keep your viewers from experiencing frustration, we recommend giving them options by enabling multibitrate adaptive streaming.

Keep in mind that for optimal streaming results, we recommend that you encode and upload your videos in the following settings:

1080p 4000kbps
720p - 2000kbps
576p - 1000kbps
480p - 600kbps

Note: The maximum recommended bitrate is 5000kbps

You can use https://handbrake.fr/ to encode your videos with the above settings.

Here's a sample:

You can use this handy platform to create 3 versions of your videos. For example, Version 1 would be 1080p, Version 2 = 720p, Version 3 = 480p.

After creating 3 versions of your videos, you can upload your videos and get the clip IDs. Then send us a request for the multi-rendition setup of your video using the format below:

Multi Rendition Request

Title: Video Title

(main)1080p - clip id

720p - clip id

480p - clip id

Once the multi-rendition process is complete, your viewers will then be able to switch between the resolutions.

Note: StreamingVideoProvider is working on a cloud-based solution that should be ready in Q1 2022, so the above process will be fully automated, and you won't have to do it manually.

The above article is only related to VOD adaptive streaming.
For live adaptive streaming, please follow this guide

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