In this article, we will cover the different Player Types and which one would suit your needs best depending on the information you want to represent.

The Type drop-down menu is located on the right just above the Publish/Share panel.

1. 🎬 Player

With this option selected you will only have the single player visible on your page.

2. 🎬 Player + πŸ’¬ Chat

If you want to allow your viewers to participate in a discussion, make sure you have this option selected. You will see the Chat section right next to the Player.

3. 🎬 Player + βœ… Description

If you want to add a description to your video, first fill in your description information in the General tab.

Click Save.

Your description will appear right next to your Player.

4. 🎬 Player + πŸ’¬ Chat + βœ… Description

To enable both Chat and Description, select this option. The Chat will appear right next to your Player and your Description will be under the Player.

5. 🎬 Player + πŸ” Playlist

This option shows the Player and all the recordings you have in your Playlist.

One use case is when you're streaming a live event and the recording option is enabled. The moment your live event is over, the recording will appear in your Playlist.

6. 🎬 Player + πŸ” Playlist + πŸ’¬ Chat

With this option, you will have both your Playlist and your Chat right next to the Player and viewers can easily switch between them.

7. 🎬 Player + πŸ” Playlist + βœ… Description

With this option selected, all the videos that are uploaded in the same Playlist will appear right next to your Player. The Description will typically be situated under your player.

8. 🎬 Player + πŸ” Playlist + πŸ’¬ Chat +βœ… Description

If you want to add as much information as possible, choose the last option that combines all possibilities.

πŸ“ŒNote - If you go to your Live Studio and enable the Chat and Recording option, your suggested Type will automatically turn to 🎬 Player + πŸ’¬ Chat +βœ… Description upon refreshing the admin panel.

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