Most of the time you want people to buy their tickets right away. And it may make sense if they know what are they buying. But what if they're undecided?

In that case, you may want to show a trailer or a glimpse of what they're missing if they don't buy your content. That'll increase ticket sales capturing all those undecided prospects.

How can you set a delay for tickets?

  1. Go to your Settings (Gear icon)

  2. Go to PAY-PER-VIEW -> Paywalls & Tickets

  3. Select the option "With delay" and set a time in seconds for it

  4. Hit Save

Note: The delayed paywall will be shown only once per viewer. Then the viewer will be required to purchase a ticket. If the viewer tries to refresh the player, the delayed paywall will be shown immediately to prevent the viewer from watching for free without ever paying.

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