The StreamingVideoProvider plans now feature User Seats. We'll go over this feature and explain how and when you can use it.


This feature allows you to create subaccounts within your main account.

The user seats available in your plan indicate how many accounts can log in to your StreamingVideoProvider video panel or ScreenRec app, i.e. 3 seats mean that you can have 1 main account + 2 subaccounts.


  • The main account is responsible for purchasing the service plan and add-ons, and to ensure there are enough resources. The subaccounts will not be notified about your monthly bill and they won't be able to pay it.

  • Subaccounts can set up Pay Per View to monetize their content. In this case, each account will collect its own payments and will be able to withdraw the money at any time.

  • Subaccounts share the resources of the main account — bandwidth, storage, and all other features. For example, if your plan features 10GB of storage, it will be shared by all accounts.


1. Log in to the admin panel.

2. Go to ⚙️Settings > Users. Click the ➕ New User button.

3. Fill in the user's name and email, and set a password. The user will be able to log in with these details on the sign-in page.

4. Once the subaccount is created, you have the following options:

  • Impersonate: You log in to the subaccount and see exactly what the user sees when they log in. Any changes you make will be reflected in their account.

  • Edit: Change the user's name, email, and password.

  • Lock: Disable the account. The user will see a warning when they log in and won't be able to access their account. You can Unlock the account at any time to re-activate it.

  • Delete: Remove the account.


Here are a few examples:

  • You and your team are creating internal corporate training videos and you want to collaborate and upload content in a shared account. Instead of passing logins around, you can create a separate account (assign a user seat) for each team member.

  • You're running a digital agency and you want to enable clients or employees to upload media files directly to the company account. So, you have a user seat (subaccount) for each client and employee, with separate login details. A bit like Google Drive, but it doesn't hang, it doesn't take forever and your storage space doesn't vanish after the second video.

  • You want to become a StreamingVideoProvider reseller. You can white-label the admin panel and use the available user seats for your first customers. You can purchase more as your subscription base grows. In other words, you can build your own video hosting business on top of our platform!

  • You want to build your own solution/app/platform. You can use the API to integrate StreamingVideoProvider in your code. You can then use the available user seats in your plan for your first few subscribers and purchase more for each new subscriber.


  • If you become a white-label reseller partner, the StreamingVideoProvider branding will not be visible at any point. Currently, users see our logo when they log in.

  • The main account will manage all playlists and will be able to control which playlists subaccounts have access to. This is great if you want to build an internal library of video training courses, for example. You can have subaccounts for marketing, sales, customer service and allow each subaccount to view different playlists with training videos.

  • It will be possible to share playlists between the subaccounts. This is great for internal collaboration.

  • ScreenRec users will be able to purchase seats for their team members.

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