This article is part of the Multistream series. With Multistreaming you can stream live to different platforms simultaneously with a simple settings adjustment.


1. Log in to Twitch > 🎬Video Producer

2. Go to 📢Stream.

3. Copy the Primary Stream key

📌 Note - The RTMP URL is universal. Always use rtmp://

4. Go to the StreamingVideoProvider admin panel, select your live stream and click on the Multistream tab.

5. Choose the Twitch option from the drop-down menu.

6. In the RTMP Server URL field paste rtmp://

7. Paste the Primary Stream Key in the Stream Key field.

Make sure you have your Twitch stream activated by clicking on the Enable toggle.

8. Click Save.

9. Once you are done configuring, go to your RTMP encoder (for example OBS) and click Start Streaming. Your live stream is going to transfer to SVP and will start casting directly to Twitch.

📌 Note - To see your live streaming preview, first go to Stream and then click on Stream Manager.

Live Streaming


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