Once you complete this setup, you will be able to use Stripe to process credit card payments for pay per view tickets.


⚠️ Before you begin, please make sure your Stripe account is activated. Then go to your Stripe dashboard and make sure the 🔘 View Test Data toggle is turned off.

  1. Go to the ⚙️ Settings tab. 

  2. Find the Pay-Per-View 🔽 menu and click on it to expand it.

  3. Select the Payment Gateways tab.

  4. Click the Pay by card (Stripe).

  5. Email: Enter your Stripe login email here.

  6. Publishable Key: Log in to your Stripe dashboard and navigate to Developers > API Keys.

  7. Paste the Publishable Key in the StreamingVideoProvide panel.

  8. Secret Key: Switch back to your Stripe dashboard and click Reveal Live Key Token next to Secret Key. Copy the value and paste it in the StreamingVideoProvider panel.

  9. While in the admin panel, copy the Webhook Endpoint URL.

  10. Go to your Stripe dashboard and navigate to Developers > Webhooks.

  11. Click the Add Endpoint button and paste the Webhook Endpoint URL you copied from StreamingVideoProvider in the first field (Endpoint URL).

  12. Click on the Select Events drop down 🔽 and type "charge.succeeded". The option should appear as you type. Select it. Note: Do not subscribe for any other events. See this video - https://screenrec.com/share/Uem3o9WsEa

  13. Click the Add Endpoint button to finish this part of the setup.

  14. Navigate to Signing secret and click on  Click to reveal button. Then copy and paste it back in the StreamingVideoProvider panel.

  15. Go back to the StreamingVideoProvider admin panel and click the ☑️ I confirm I have completed the required setup tick box.

  16. 🔘 Enable Payment Gateway: This toggles your payment gateway on or off.

  17. 🔘 Show Payment Instruction Page: This option shows the text below it right after the viewer clicks the Buy button.  

  18. Now simply click on the green ✔ Save button and your Stripe payment gateway will be live.

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