The following steps will show you how to create a live stream with auto-archive, so those who purchased a ticket for the live steam but missed it for some reason can watch the archive wit the same ticket > create a paywall offer > apply the paywall to the live stream and upcoming archive > share or embed the live PPV player on your website, so start pre-selling tickets and collecting 100% of the revenue into your PayPal account > generate free passwords for selected viewers > monitor and manage sales.

Ten minutes is all it takes. Let's start, shall we?

1. Create a free account - No credit card is required, and it only takes 10 seconds.

2. Create new playlist > Select it.

3. Create a live stream - Add Media >  New Live Stream 

4. Select the newly created live stream and go to Live Studio

5. Enable Cloud Recording + Live Chat  ( optional )

6. Choose how you'll stream live:

Option 1: Using your computer with a webcam or capture device Download OBS 

Option 2: Copy your RTMP URL & Stream Key and use it with your H.264 RTMP encoder or purchase one from Amazon. Ensure that is compatible with your your A/V equipment to it ( HDMI, SDI, Composite / Component ) 

Option 3: Live stream directly from an Android or iOS device by using Larix Broadcaster app.

Install Larix Broadcaster app > Copy your RTMP URL & Stream Key from Live Studio > Paste them in Larix Broadcaster app Settings > Connections > New connection by putting the RTMP URL and Key in one line like this rtmp:// 

Option 4: Stream directly from IP Camera / RTSP device

8. Create the Paywall Offer  > Add Tickets to Paywall  see screenshot

9. Connect Paywall to Playlist - see screenshot

10. Configure your PayPal to accept payments

11. Upload poster and/or set overlay text ( optional )  

12. Get Shareable Link and send it to viewers or copy embed code and paste in your site. Use code embed plugin if you use Wordpress (ask your webmaster how)

13. Start promoting to pre-sell tickets.

14. Monitor your sales from Pay-Per-View Sales

15. Use Sold Tickets Management in case you wish to modify already sold PPV passwords.

In case you wish to generate free passwords for some users so they can bypass the paywall.

16. Create Password Protection > Add Password Group with unique, randomly generated passwords that you can provide to each viewer.  See screenshot

17. Apply the Paywall Protection to the playlist. See screenshot

18. Use Password Management in case you wish to modify generated passwords.

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