The following steps will show you how to categories your video course into series > create a paywall offer(s) > share or embed on your site > Collect 100% of the money into your PayPal account instantly > Monitor and Manage Sales.

10 minutes is all it takes. Shall we start?

1 Create a free account - No credit card is required and it only takes just 10 seconds.
2. Create A Playlist(s)
- If you wish to split your video course in series, then create 2 playlists with names Series A and Series B - follow these steps
4. Create your Paywall Offer  -
complete these steps
5. Add Tickets to the Paywall Offer
- complete these steps
6. Configure your PayPal to accept payments -
complete these steps
7. Connect the Paywall Offer(s) to your playlist(s) -
follow these steps
8. Upload Videos
from your HDD to your playlists - follow these steps - This way your videos will automatically inherit the attached Paywall Offers to the playlists and become Pay-Per-View after a successful uploads.

9. Publish the playlists

10. After an order is placed, Order Confirmation Email is sent automatically.
11. Monitor your sales here and Manage Paid Order 


  • If you wish to sell Series A for one price and Series B for another price and have a 3rd ticket that offers access to both playlists, then follow this guide.

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