Bandwidth is the data that is being transmitted from our servers to your viewers when they watch your videos or live streams.  

The units we use are GB (Gigabytes) or TB (Terabytes,  1000GB = 1 TB). 


Monthly Bandwidth is the total amount of Gigabytes included in your service plan. In other words, it's the amount of data you can transmit from our servers to your viewers in one month.

Your Monthly Bandwidth is renewed every month on the first day of your billing cycle. You can see how many days remain till renewal by clicking the menu in the top left corner of the admin panel. 

⚠️Important: Unused Monthly Bandwidth from the previous month is not carried over to the next. 


You can purchase Backup Bandwidth through the Add-On Store 24/7/365 and it will be added to your account immediately. If your Monthly Bandwidth is consumed before the renewal date, your Backup Bandwidth will ensure there is no interruption in service

  • Backup Bandwidth is carried over each month without an expiry date and it can be used with an active service plan.

  • We recommend keeping a balance of Backup Bandwidth at all times to avoid service interruption.


  • You'll receive an email when you start running low on bandwidth. By default, this happens when you have 2 Gb left.

  • You can change the default notification threshold in the Account Notifications Preferences.  

  • If you use up all your monthly bandwidth and you don't have Backup Bandwidth, all of your media will stop working until you either purchase Backup Bandwidth or upgrade your monthly service plan. 

  • If you expect your monthly bandwidth to run out before its renewal date, you can buy a Backup Bandwidth package from our Add-on Store.

  • If you are continually using up your Backup Bandwidth, we’d recommend upgrading your plan. Higher service plans offer more bandwidth as well as additional features. 

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