• Monthly Bandwidth is the allowed amount of Gigabytes that are included in your service plan
  • Monthly Bandwidth is renewed once per month at the date of your billing cycle. 
  • The renewing date is shown in your control panel ( top left corner ) "Reset of GB in x days"
  • Unused Monthly Bandwidth from the previous month is not carried over to the next month. 


  • Backup Bandwidth is used when all your Monthly Bandwidth is consumed before the renewal date, for example, due to unexpected high traffic. 
  • Backup Bandwidth can be purchased via the Add-On Store 24/7/365, which is then added to your account immediately. 
  • Backup Bandwidth is carried over each month without an expiry date and it can be used with an active service plan.
  • We recommend keeping a balance of Backup Bandwidth at all times to avoid service interruption.


  • If you use up all your monthly bandwidth and don't have any backup bandwidth too, then all media will stop working until you either purchase backup bandwidth or upgrade your monthly service plan. 
  • If you expect your monthly bandwidth to run out before its renew date, you can buy a backup bandwidth package from our Add-on Store.
  • If your requirements are higher and you are continually using backup bandwidth, then we recommend that you upgrade your plan. Larger service plans offer discounted bandwidth as well as additional features too.


  • You can check the level of Monthly and Backup Bandwidth at any time from your control panel ( top left corner ) The usage is updated almost in real time. 
  • You'll also receive an email when you are running low on bandwidth. By default, you'll be notified when your account gets to 2GB Monthly Bandwidth left. 
  • You can change the default notification threshold number from 2GB to your desired value in the Account Notifications Preferences.  


  • Service plans are packages containing different sets of bandwidth, storage and features, that are enable you to use StreamingVideoProvider's online video platform. 
  • Bigger service plans come with more resources and are more cost effective, since the higher the service plan is, the more discount you get.  
  • You can modify your service plan 24/7/365 from your SVP Control Panel -> Setup > Service Plans
    If you modify your service plan, the features available within the old plan will be replaced with those from the new plan immediately. If you downgrade, some of the features from the old plan might not be included and therefore this may affect any existing experience or behavior.
  • Hint: If you are about to modify your Service Plan, we recommend waiting until you get close to your monthly payment cycle before you actually perform the downgrade or upgrade procedure. 
  • Example: If you subscribed on 12th of July and we have deducted £9.95 from your account, the best time to modify your plan will be around 11th of August, since we are not rolling over any remaining features from the old package to the new one.
  • All service plans and Add-On are sold with payment upfront. 
  • If you wish to cancel your service plan or Add-on simply go to Account -> My Subscriptions and cancel the specific active subscription(s). Any future payments will be suspended immediately once the subscription is cancelled.


  • You can pay online by Debit and Credit cards as well as PayPal.
  • We also accept payments made via Bank Transfer


Bandwidth is the data that is being transmitted from our servers to your viewers when they watch your videos or live streams.  

The units we use are GB (Gigabytes) or TB (Terabytes,  1000GB = 1 TB)


Bandwidth is calculated differently for plays, downloads, pull/push streaming.

Plays ( All Media )
(Bandwidth  = Total Plays x Viewed Seconds)

Play is when a viewer clicks on the play button and starts watching your video or live stream. If you have set the player to auto start automatically, this will also count as play.

Viewed Seconds - Not all viewers will watch your videos to the end. Some will only watch a few seconds, others will skip parts and jump backward/forward, so charging you based on the entire video file size won’t be fare, unlike other competitors do. So be aware when shopping around!

Our calculations are very precise, in fact, we calculate each delivered second to ensure you are not overcharged.  

Let’s assume you have 1-hour HD video that is with an encoded file size of 1GB.
If we assume that you'll get

  • 10 viewers to watch the entire video, then the bandwidth consumption will be 10x 1GB = 10GB+
  • 10 viewers to watch only the first 30 seconds of the same video, then the bandwidth will be 10 x 0.0075GB = 0.075GB+
  • 10 viewers to watch only the first 1 minute of the same video, then the bandwidth will be 10 x 0.015GB = 0.15GB

So your total monthly bandwidth consumption for the 30 plays will be 10.22GB

Wondering how we converted the seconds to GB? It depends on the bitrate of the encoded video/live stream.

The higher the bitrate is, the bigger the file size becomes. So we have for:

  • 700kbp/s = 0.000088GB/s or 0.00525GB/min or 0.315GB/hour 
  • 1000kbp/s = 0.000125GB/s or 0.0075GB/min or 0.45GB/hour 
  • 2000kbp/s = 0.00025GB/s or 0.015GB/min or 0.9GB/hour 
  • 3000kbp/s = 0.00037GB/s or 0.0225GB/min or 1.35GB/hour 

The actual formula is: (Bitrate kbp/s)/8/1000/1000 = Gigabytes per second.

Other things that count toward your bandwidth is video downloads and when you are broadcasting live (sending RTMP stream to our ingest servers).  

Downloads (VOD)
(Bandwidth  = Total Downloads x Video File Size)

If you’ve enabled the option to allow viewers to download your videos, then we’ll deduct the exact encoded video file size from your account bandwidth for each download. 

Pushing / Pulling Live Streams to our Ingest Servers (For Live RTMP and RTSP Streaming)  
(Bandwidth = Total Sessions x Sessions Duration)

When you are doing live broadcasting, we provide you with RTMP address and stream key to use with your RTMP encoder to push a live stream to our ingest servers.
For IP cameras, the stream from your camera is being pulled by our platform when there is an active viewer or if you have enabled recording or the “fast playback” feature.

Sessions Duration is calculated based on the bitrate of the live or camera stream. The same metrics are applicable as in the very first example above, so therefore we have for:

  • 700kbp/s = 0.000088GB/s
  • 1000kbp/s = 0.000125GB/s
  • 2000kbp/s = 0.00025GB/s
  • 3000kbp/s = 0.00037GB/s

Let's assume you plan to stream using RTMP encoder couple of events, all using a bitrate of 2000kbps (HD quality)

  • First event is 1 hour long - the consumed bandwidth = 0.9GB
  • Second event is for 6 hours  - the consumed bandwidth = 5.4GB

Use the Service Price Calculator to find out the best plan that suits your needs.

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