Over the years, we've received valuable feedback from customers about our billing system, where:

  1. The term "Stream" was difficult to be understood in connection with our billing system.
  2. The billing intervals, where we take a Stream on every 10 minutes of streamed content are too big and therefore can be expensive, compared to the Gigabytes (GB) model, especially for shorter videos.
  3. Taking 1.5 Streams instead of 1 Stream for white-label player branding makes it 50% more expensive compared to the sponsored branding player. 

Because of all above reasons, we’ve decided to switch from Streams to GB Bandwidth model, which is very good news since we’ll calculate consumed traffic from your viewers in a much more correct and efficient way.  

What’s next?

We’ll convert your Service Plans are follow:

  • Soho from 700 Streams > 67 GB
  • Soho+ from 2,000 Streams > 190 GB
  • Business from 6,000 Streams > 570 GB
  • Business+ from 15,000 Streams > 1,425 GB (1.4 TB) 
  • Business Pro from 35,000 Streams > 3,325 GB  (3.3 TB)
  • Corporate from 75,000 Streams > 7,125 GB (7.1 TB)
  • Corporate + from 160,000 Streams > 15,200 GB  (15.2 TB)

Any existing monthly streams you may have in your current service plan cycle or if you are on a custom plans different from those above, will be converted as follow:  1 Stream > 0.0950 GB

 We’ll convert the Additional Streams add-ons are follow:

  • 1,000 Additional Streams  > 80 GB
  • 5,000 Additional Streams  > 400 GB
  • 10,000 Additional Streams  > 800 GB
  • 50,000 Additional Streams  > 4,000 GB
  • 100,000 Additional Streams  > 8,000 GB

Any existing Additional Streams you may have in your account will be converted as follow:  1 Stream > 0.0800 GB

The switch from Streams to GB will happen in the month of June 18.

How the Bandwidth consumption can be calculated?
We are in a process of modifying our Plan Calculator  so it can help you calculate the expected consumption in GB.   The calculator will be based on the following logic:

If your video bitrate is 750 kbit/s THEN

  • 1 second view = 93.75 KB/s or
  • 1 minute view = 5.49 MB or 
  • 1 hour view = 329 MB      

If you are on Business plan that comes with 570 GB of bandwidth then this means that you can get 1,732 viewing hours, meaning 1,732 viewers watching a total of 1 hour of video content (split across all your videos and live streams).

This is exactly the same estimated amount of viewing hours with the Streams metric expect that now our calculation will be based on seconds and not on 10 minutes intervals as we use to do before with the Streams.

For more information click here

White-Label Player Branding will not be charged extra
Some of use who were applying "No Branding" or "Custom Player Branding" used to be charged 1.5 Streams instead of 1 Stream because of the white-label.

After we switch you to Bandwidth, this will not longer be the case.  Regardless of the Player Branding, we will deduct the same amount of Bandwidth (GB)

We'll still offer you the option of Sponsored Player Branding, so if you've decided to use it, you'll have the unique opportunity to earn 15% monthly commission on all referrals that came from the Sponsored Branding to us and became paying customers.

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