Use the Embeddable Uploader to enable your visitors or colleagues to upload media directly into your video panel, without the need for them to log in.

You can send them a link or embed it in a page of your site so whoever has access to that page can upload from there.

When setting up your Embeddable Uploader, you can specify a metadata form that the person who uploads a media needs to fill in, so when the media arrives in your video panel, it will already have title, description etc.


  • Go to ⚙️ Settings > External Uploads 🔽 > Embedded Uploader

  • Here you will be presented with a Preview of the Uploader in the Center and the Settings Configuration Panel on the right.

  • Under Set Metadata you can choose the default Metadata Form or select one of you own Custom Metadata Forms.

  • Save In: Here you can set where new media files will be uploaded to. This can be set to Allow the User to Choose or you can also set it to a Specific Existing Playlist.

  • Limit File Uploads: You can set this to a Single Upload or allow the user to do Multiple Uploads at a time.

  • After Successful Upload: Choose if you wish to Display a Message or Redirect to a specific URL when a media file has been successfully uploaded. 

  • Message: If you have chosen Display Message after successful upload then you can edit the message displayed here.

  • Set Redirect URL: If you have chosen Redirect to URL after successful upload then you can enter the URL address that the user is sent to once the upload has completed.

  • Uploader Width: This is set to be responsive at 100% by default.

  • Uploader Height: You can enter how many Pixel height you would like the uploader to take on your website.

  • Open In New Tab: This will open the upload in a separate browser tab for you to see and preview the uploader. 


Click on the </> Copy Embed Code button to copy the code to your computer's clipboard. You can then paste the code into your website editor.

You can also click on the </> Copy Uploader Link button to copy a direct link to the uploader without having to embed it to your site. You can share the link directly with your colleagues / clients for them to upload from. 


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