• Login to your video panel.

  • Go to Settings > Remote Sources

  • Now select the + New Remote Source button. 

  • Name: Enter the name you wish to give to your Remote Source for identification purposes. 

  • Source Address: Enter the full path of your FTP or HTTP address where your media is located.

  • Port: Enter the port number you wish to establish a connection to. By default this is set to port 21.

  • Username: Enter the FTP/HTTP Username if required.

  • Password: Enter the FTP/HTTP Password if required.

  • Test Connection Button: Click on the green Test Connection Button to test the entered details for your server.

  • AutoSync / Watch Folder - You can set up an auto sync job to check every 10 minutes for newly added and fully uploaded media files into your remote source and automatically importing them into your video panel. This way you can import easily large number of exiting media files into your video panel and keep existing workflow you may have in place.

  • Save In Playlist: Select which playlist you would like the newly synced media to be added to.

  • Attach Metadata: Select if you wish to attach a metadata to your imported media files. If you don't want to attach metadata choose No Form Selected, or else select the Default Form or a Custom Metadata Form. If any information is entered at this stage of the Metadata Forms then all newly uploaded media will have that same metadata appended to them.

Now we simply click on the green ✔ Save button to save your newly created Remote Source.


  • To edit an existing Remote Source select it from the central Remote Sources panel.

  • In the right hand ending panel make any of your desired changes to the currently selected Remote Source.

  • Save your changes by clicking on the green ✔ Save button.


  • To delete any existing Remote Sources hover your mouse over one of your Remote Sources in the Central Sources Panel. You will see 2 buttons being displayed next to the Remote Source name.

  • By clicking on the 🗑 Trashcan icon, you are able to delete the current Remote Source.


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