• Login In to your account.

  • Select a Playlist where you wish to upload the media into.

  • Add Media located on the top left Media view.

  • Drag and Drop Media Files from your HDD or Choose Files button which will open your computer's native file browser. 

  • Now simply navigate to the folder where you have the videos or audio files that you would like to upload.

  • You can simply select one or multiple videos or audio files to be uploaded.

  • Once ready, click on the Choose button from your file browser.

  • This will add and list the selected videos in the the Upload Queue where you can revise or remove them before uploading.

  • Save In: Choose the playlist in which you wish to upload the selected media into.

  • Set Metadata: Here you can choose from specific Metadata forms. We have created a Default Form which gives you Metadata such as Video Title, Tags, Short Description and Long Description, so you can attach information to all the media that is about to be uploaded,

  • Now simply click on the green Upload button to start uploading. 

  • A green bubble is then shown at the bottom right corner with a progress in %. 

  • You can continue using the video panel whist media is uploaded but do not close or refresh the browser. 


  • You can click on the Percentage icon in the panel whilst uploading to show detailed information of your upload, Pause the upload or cancel and delete any uploads you don't want anymore.

  • In case you refresh or close the browser, note that you can still resume each media upload by selecting its little folder icon > browse for the local media file located in your computer and re-attach it again to resume its upload.  Do not drop try to upload interrupted uploads by going to Add Media procedure because this way the upload will start from the beginning instead of to resume.

Import via URL , Watch FTP/HTTP Folders or Import via API

Embedded Uploader

Upload Logs:

Publishing Media:

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