In this article you will learn how to Live Stream to your Live Player using RTMP STREAMER and a Apple iOS Device. If you want to check out some Live Streaming Demos and extra information please visit our Live Streaming information page.


  • Login to your account, Create a new Live Player or use one of your existing ones.

  • Select the Live Player you wish to use in the Central Media View

  • Now select the 🎥 Live Studio button in the top media view. This will open the Live Studio in a Popup window. 

  • Choose RTMP Encoder as your Source.

RTMP Streamer

  • Install RTMP Streamer from the Apple iOS App Store  

  • When starting RTMP Streamer for the first time you will be presented with two access requested. The first request is to give RTMP Streamer access to the devices camera: Click on Allow. The second is to give RTMP Streamer access to the devices microphone: Click on Allow.

  • With both Access requests granted, you will be presented with the RTMP Streamer interface. 

  • Click on the Settings Cog ⚙️ located in the bottom left corner.

  • In the RTMP Streamer configuration enter the RTMP URL and Stream Key from your Broadcast Panel separated by a forward slash ”/“. 


RTMP URL = rtmp://

Combined for RTMP Streamer = rtmp://

  • With the RTMP details entered click on the bottom right video feed image which will take you back to the RTMP Streamer Window. 

  • Now simply press the Red 🔴 round Stream Button at the bottom of the application to start streaming. 

  • Back in the 🎥 Live Studio you are able to see the incoming stream in the Local Preview Window.

  • When you are ready to transmit the feed to your viewers, simply click on the Start Broadcast button.

  • The feeds now visible by your audience in the Live Player.

  • When you want to stop the stream you can either stop it from RTMP Streamer by clicking on the Red Stream Button 🔴 which will keep the Live Player ready to steam as soon as you click on the Red Stream Button 🔴 button in RTMP Streamer.

  • Or you stop the broadcast from our 🎥 Live Studio by pressing the Stop Broadcast button beneath the Local Preview window. This will require you to re-start the broadcast from the 🎥 Live Studio next time we do a live stream.


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