You can enable auto-archiving for your live streams by going to Live Studio > Enable Recording = ONĀ 

The cloud recording will:

  • appear in your control panel within a couple of minutes either after you set Enable Recording = OFF, or the RTMP streaming was stopped.

  • be saved into the same playlist as the live stream.

  • inherit the playlist defaults (if set)

Note: Please ensure that you have enough cloud storage space available, as running out of storage will stop your recordings.

Every new cloud recording will increase the number in the column "Recordings" and if you click on that number, you'll see all the past recordings for a specific live stream.


You can publish the live stream + recordings (even if there are none yet) using the same link or embed code by choosing a Player + Playlist widget type.

This way viewers who missed the live event can still watch its archive, without the need for you to send another link or re-embed.

Publishing Media:

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