In this article you will learn how to edit the Player templates β€” apply specific colors, arrange the information order, and add specific options.


1. To edit the Player templates go to βš™οΈ Settings -> 🎬 Player & Playlist templates -> πŸ”— Category

  • On the left, the Category Filters choose the type of preset template you want to create/customize.

  • In the center, you can see the currently available Templates as well as Sorting Options and the Search Bar. Β 

πŸ“ŒNote - The options where it is written Edit are the Default templates, the ones without it are Custom.

Click the cogwheel βš™οΈ to Edit a template. The customization options are on the right.


  • ColorBase - from here you can select the color of the πŸ”˜ Player Bar and the ▢️ Playback button.

  • πŸ”˜ Player Bar - If you have this option selected, the πŸ”˜ Player Bar will be visible.

  • ▢️ Play button. - Having this option selected, the ▢️ Play button will be visible. You can choose the way it will appear from the drop-down menu.

  • Fullscreen - If you mark this option, the Fullscreen button will appear in the πŸ”˜ Player Bar.

  • Auto Hide Player Bar - with this option selected, the πŸ”˜ Player bar will disappear once the user clicks the ▢️ Play button.

  • Auto Play Video - if you mark this option, your video will be in a loop and will start from the beginning when it’s over.

  • Show Viewers When Above - if you select this option, an additional field will appear. There you can put in the minimum number of viewers needed and the information will be visible in your πŸ”˜ Player bar.


  • Enable πŸ” Playlist - if you enable this option, your πŸ” Playlist will be visible on the right

  • πŸ” Playlist Layout - you have two options for visualisation of the Playlist:

Video List (Default) - the Playlist appears next to your Player on the right

and Video Wall - the Playlist will be positioned under the Player.

  • Video Thumbs Size - you can choose the size of your πŸ” Playlist thumbs from the drop-down menu

  • Thumbs Per Row - with this option you can choose whether you want your πŸ” Playlist thumbs to be organized in two or more thumbs per row (Auto) or only one Thumb per row (One Thumb Per Row).


  • Live Chat / Comments - if you have this toggle enabled, the πŸ’¬ Chat section will be visible right next to the πŸ” Playlist.

  • Live Chat / Comments Positioning - from the drop-down menu you can choose where to position your πŸ’¬ Chat section.

  • Metadata Positioning - you can choose which metadata fields to appear (Video Title, Tag, Short Description, Long Description). From the drop-down menu, you can choose where to position the information.


  • Player Size - from the drop-down menu you can select your preferred 🎬 Player visualization.

You can select Widget Fixed Size and set your preferred dimensions

Or you can select Responsive.

πŸ“ŒNote - You can choose a fixed height for the responsive player by enabling the Set Fixed Height Size toggle and filling in your desired size (in pixels).

  • Themes - select your preferred color background from the drop-down menu

πŸ“ŒNote - using the options below you can customize the background color.

  • Lightbox Mode - Lightbox means that viewers see a player thumbnail. When they click it, the player pops up and dims the background. This option controls the appearance of your thumbnail. Choose between Player Splash Image, Text Link, or External image.


You can preview the player by selecting to preview as:

  • Embedded Player - This is how it will appear when embedded on a website.

  • Shareable Link - The player's appearance when shared online using the universal sharing link.


  • You can save your newly created template by clicking on the βœ“ Save Template As button.

  • This will open a popup box asking you to enter a name for your newly created template.

  • Once you have entered your desired name click on the green βœ… Confirm button to save the template.

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