In this article you will learn how you can Tweet your Media Player with all of its attributes including Pay-Per-View directly to your Twitter Timeline. If you want to check out some demos and extra information please visit our Video Players Information page.


  • To generate an embedded code simply select the media you wish to publish from the media panel.

  • You will now see the Quick Publishing Menu on the right hand side.

  • Under Type select your Player Type.

  • Under Template select Default Player Template or one of your Custom Templates.

  • Select the 🐦 Twitter button from the Publish / Share Menu.

  • Now simply click on the 👁 Preview & Share button.

  • This will open a PopUp with a Twitter Authorization request. 

  • Click the Authorize App button which will allow you to Tweet your Video Playlists.

  • You can now revise your Tweet before sharing it on your timeline.

  • Tweet your message and player by clicking on the Publish / Share button.

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