Once you have created a Metadata Form you can add 1 or multiple Fields to the Form. Each Field can have different variables such as Title, Tags, Number Fields, radio Buttons, image uploaders etc... For a Demo and extra information please visit our Custom Metadata information page


  • With your Custom Metadata Form selected, click on the > New Field tab with the right hand Field Menu

  • With the New Field menu expanded you are now able to choose one of the following fields to add:


  • Video Title 

  • Tag

  • Short Description

  • Long Description

  • Text

  • Number 

  • Email

  • Name

  • Checkbox

  • Radio Group

  • Drop Down

  • Image Uploader


When you have chosen a field to add, you will automatically be presented with the Edit Field tab in the right hand menu.

  • Label: Give your field a label / name for easily identification. 

  • Description: You can also add a short description for your field which will be placed below the label.


Some fields such as Checkboxes, Radio Groups and Drop Down Menus have extra lines that can be populated.


Country Drop Down Menu:

  • Europe

  • America

  • Africa

  • Asia


Each custom field can have the following settings applied to the:

  • Required: When applied the filed will be required to be populated. For example if the form is part of a external uploader the user will have to be filled before the user is able to upload a media file.

  • Read Only: When enabled, the filed will only be readable and cannot be populated.

  • Hidden: When enabled the field can only be viewed in the management panel and cannot be seen externally in a published player or uploader. 

To save your Fields and Custom Metadata Form simply click on the green ✅ Save button below.

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