The availability scheduling system allows you to specify the exact availability of your Playlist Player. It can be set to Online/On, Specific Date & Time Scheduling, Daily Scheduling, Weekly Scheduling and Offline/Off. We also have articles for setting the availability of your Single Media as well as the Default Availability for all your media. For more information checkout our Content Management information page.


  • To set all videos and media files within a Playlist to a specific Availability simply click onto the Playlist button in your Media Section.

  • Select the Playlist you would like to change.

  • With the Playlist selected click on the 📆 Availability tab in the settings bar.

  • Here under Availability you can simply select your desired option.

  • Save your changes by clicking on the green ✅ Save button

You have now set your playlist to your desired Availability.


In the Availability settings panel you will be able to choose from the following options:

  • Online / Video is ON - This is the default setting and means that all your videos are available to your viewers by default.

  • Specific Date & Time Scheduling - Here you can choose a Single specific start and end Date & Time for when your media will be available. 

  • Daily Scheduling - Here you can choose a specific Daily start and end time for when your media will be available. 

  • Weekly Scheduling - Here you can choose separate daily start and end times for each day of the week.

  • Offline / Video is OFF - This setting disables all media by default meaning your media are not available to your viewers until you enable them individually.

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