The Stream Usage analytical data gives you an in depth view of how many streams have been consumed by a specific media player. For more information about analytics you can visit our Real Time Analytics information page.


In the Stream Usage panel for the chosen media you will get the following data:

  1. Streams spent for the current interval: Shows you the number of streams that have been used within the currently selected 
  2. Predefined Date Ranges: Click on one of the predefined date ranges to show the relevant stream usage data.
  3. Date Range: The currently selected date range can be altered by clicking on the start or end date and entering your desired dates.
  4. Graph with detailed breakdown: You will see a graph containing detailed stream usage information for the selected period. You can get more detailed information by hovering your mouse over one of the graph bars. 
  5. Wave Bar & Range Zoom: Below you will see a wave bar for your currently selected range. you can zoom in further within the date range by drawing the left and right range tabs.
  6. Export Current Data.


Method 1:

  • Go to the Analytics section by clicking on the 📈Graph Tab.
  • Select the Stream Usage section.
  • In the 🔍 Search Field enter the name of the media for which you would like to see the Stream Usage data.
  • As you type you will see a list of media matching your current search entry. Select your desired media from the search results.
  • You will now see the Stream Usage data for your chosen media.

Method 2:

  • Select the Views Number for your chosen Media from the Media Sections
  • You will be presented with the Latest Views Analytical Panel for the selected media.
  • Select the Stream Usage section from the analytics panel.
  • You will now see the Stream Usage data for your chosen media.


You can export the analytical streams usage data for the currently selected period by clicking on the ≡ More options button (6).

Here you can select how you would like to export your data:

  • Print Chart
  • Download PNG image
  • Download JPG image
  • Download PDF document
  • Download SVG vector image
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