Currently, you can accept payments via these payment processors: Stripe, PayPal, 2Checkout, CCBill or

If you wish to connect another payment processor, please provide this information to your web developer.


  • Go to ⚙️ Settings > Pay-Per-View 🔽 Payment Gateways

  • Click on the ➕New Custom Gateway in the center column. This will open the Custom Gateway Setup Panel on the right.

  • Here you need to enter a Name for your Custom Payment Gateway.

  • Redirect URL - Your viewers will be redirected to this URL and your developer must host the integration script there. (See Parameters & API Setup below).

  • Once you have completed your Redirect URL setup, check ☑️ I confirm I have completed the required setup tick box

  • Image: Here you can change the Default Custom payment Gateway Image that is displayed to your viewers during the checkout screen when choosing between multiple payment processors.

  • 🔘 Enable Payment Gateway: Clicking on the slider and set it to On.

  • 🔘 Show Payment Instruction Page: Device if you wish to display any instructions before the viewer is sent to the payment page.

  • Now we simply click on the green ✔ Save button to save your PayPal Payment Gateway.


Handle input parameters after the viewer's redirection. The redirect is done via HTTP POST method. There are several parameters attached in the body of the request:

order_key = Order key generated by our system. This key is required for order confirmation by Developer API.

item_name = Name of the purchased ticket. This parameter has to display purpose.

amount = Amount of purchased ticket. This is the price that the viewer must pay.

currency = Currency code of purchased ticket. The format of currency code is referred to ISO 4217 standard.

return = After successful completion of the order, you must redirect your viewer back to our system via this "return" URL.

This should be done after successful order confirmation through the Core API and service: 38. svp_confirm_ppv_order

A success message will appear and the viewer will be able to watch the video.

cancel = In case of refusal, the viewer must be redirected back to our system via this "cancel" URL. Cancel messages will appear and tickets will be shown again.

Tip: Store input parameters in Session or DataBase in order for them to be available for later use.

Download a full integration example (see ppv_custom_payment.php ) to speed up your development process.

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