By Default all videos and playlists are set to the default All Allowed Access Control Package. You can set a Global Access Control Package for all your Media which will set any Single Media Players as well as Playlist Players to your chosen Access Control Package. If you want to check out some Demos and extra information please visit our Protection & Privacy information page.


  • You can change your Global Default Access Control Package by going to ⚙️ Settings > Access Control 🔽 > Domain, IP & Geographic. Here you will see a list of your current  Access Control Packages as well as the default All Allowed package. 

  • The 🏠 Home Icon allows you to change the default Access Control package applied to all videos and playlists. A Home Icon next to the Access Control Package name indicates which package is currently active as your Global Access Control Package.

  • To choose a different Access Control Package as default, hover over your desired package name and click on the 🏠 Home Icon next to your desired package.

  • You will be presented with a pop up information box asking you if you want to change the current default package to the newly chosen one.

  • You also get the opportunity to revise any affected media by clicking on the Summary buttons.

  • When happy with the changes, you can simply click on the green Confirm button to apply the desired changes.

You have now changed the Default Access Control settings to your desired Package.

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