Need to know what everything is for when you first load the Analytics Panel? Here's a brief tour of the Analytics interface. 

  1. User Account Overview - Gives you a quick glance of your current account and subscription status.

  2. Media Panel - Takes you to the media panel to manage all your media.

  3. Analytics Panel - Takes you to the analytics panel to see in-depth analytical data for your media.

  4. Settings Panel - Takes you to the settings panel where you can control detailed settings.

  5. Latest Views - If you select the Views Number for your chosen Media from the Media Sections you will be presented with the Latest Views overview for the selected media.

  6. Streams Usage - If you select the Views Number for your chosen media then click on the Streams Usage button in the analytics section you will be presented with a graph of the Streams Usage for the selected media.

  7. Pay-Per-View Sales - Shows you a detailed information on the latest sales for all of your Pay-Per-View media.

  8. Pay-Per-View Password Usage - Shows you the latest analytical data for all the Password usage for your sold Pay-Per-View tickets.

  9. Password Usage - Shows the latest usage information on Password restricted media.

  10. Currently Selected Analytics - Shows which analytics are currently displayed. For Views and Usage will display the name of the media.

  11. Data Panel - Shows all the detailed information for the currently selected analytics including graphs, charts and table information.

  12. Search Field - Search through your analytics by name, playlist, date or password.

Quick Panel Overviews:

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