By default  the following sections are using our mail servers to send emails to your clients. This however may cause emails to go to their spam folders.

We highly recommend using your own email server to send these out. 


You are now able to enter your SMTP Server details.
(Contact you system administrator to obtain the following information)

  • Name: Enter the name you wish to give to your SMTP Server for identification purposes. 

  • SMTP Server: Enter the address for your SMTP email server.

  • Port: Enter the required connection port for your SMTP server.

  • Username: Enter the username for your SMTP server.

  • Password: Enter the Password for your SMTP server.

Auth Type: Select which authentication type is required for your SMTP server:

  • LOGIN (Default)


  • NTLM

  • CRAM-MD5

Secure Type: Elect which type of security needs to be used for the connection to the server:

  • None (Default)

  • TLS

  • SSL

Auto TLS: Set if you would like the Transport Layer Security to be set to automatic.

  • No (Default)

  • Yes


To test your SMTP server enter the following information under Test SMTP Settings:

  • Send Test Email From: Enter your sender email address where you plan to send emails from:

  • Send Test Email To: Enter the email address you would like the test email to be sent to such as

  • Send Test Email Button: Once the sender and recipient addresses have been entered click on the Sent Test Email button to ensure the emails are being sent successfully.

Now click on the ✅ Save button to save your Custom SMTP Server.

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