You can upgrade or downgrade your service plan at anytime. Your account will be converted to your new plan immediately and the old plan's recurring payment will be cancelled automatically.

In case of an upgrade, any remaining bandwidth will be automatically added to the 1st month of the newly chosen service plan.


  • To change your monthly plan simply go to ⚙️ Settings > 📄 Service Plans.

  • Here you will see all available service plans as well as your currently active plan. 

  • To choose a new plans simply click on either Upgrade or Downgrade button on your newly selected plan. 

  • Follow the checkout to complete your new subscription.

  • Once completed, your new subscription will be active immediately and your previous subscription is cancelled automatically.

Tip: If you are about to modify your Service Plan, we recommend waiting until you get close to your monthly payment cycle. That's the best time to upgrade or downgrade. 

Example: You subscribed on 12th of July. The best time to modify your plan would be around 11th of August.

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