Google Analytics is a great way to track the total number of video plays across your videos. Combined with the rest of the collected Google Analytics data, you can create a wide range of reports including:

  • Total amount of plays across all your media players during a specific period of time.

  • Individual plays including title and reference number.

  • Find out which campaign, keywords, referrals etc. led to the video plays.


📝 Note: Please allow 24 hours before being able to can see results within Google Analytics.


Log in to your Google Analytics account, click on Content > Event > Top Events. This will show you the total number of played videos for the selected period of time.

To see the statistics for the individual videos click on Top Events > Secondary Dimension select Content > Page Title

You can also use the Secondary Dimension > Technology, Traffic Sources or Visitors to build more reports based on the rest of your website data.

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