The account message notification preferences allow you to change when you would like to be notified about running low on monthly streams as well as backup streams. You can also update your notification preferences for newsletters and system alerts.

  • To update your Account Notification Preferences go to the ⚙️ Settings tab. 

  • Here click on Account Details which will display your Account Notification Details on the right hand side.


  • Email me when my monthly streams reach: Here you can change at which point you would like to be emailed that your monthly streams are running low.

  • Email me when my backup streams reach: Here you are able to change at which point you would like to be emailed when your Add-On Store Backup Streams are running low.


  • ☑️ Newsletters: Monthly news letter that includes news and platform updates

  • ☑️ System Alerts: Any major system alert such as maintenance periods.

When you have finished updating your Message Notification preferences, simply click on the green ✔ Save button to save any changes.

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