In this article you will learn how to Disable / Enable Passwords that you created as well as editing Passwords Attributes such as Expiry Dates, Total Allowed Views and Allowed Views Per Video and adding Tags to easily identify passwords as well as Exporting Passwords to .CSV or XML. ย If you want to check out some Password Restriction Demos and extra information please visit our Password Protection information page.


  • To manage your created Passwords you will need to go to the โš™๏ธ Settings tab.ย 

  • Here under Setup you will find the Access Control ๐Ÿ”ฝ menu. Click on it to expand the sub-sections and select the Passwords Management tab which will display all your currently created Passwords in the centre.

Here you will see an extensive list of all generated Passwords. The information displayed in the centre column for each password includes:ย 

  • Creation Date: The date the password was created.

  • Password: The currently active password.

  • Password Group: Which Password Group the Password relates to.

  • Expiry Date: When the Password will expire.

  • Allowed Views: Total amount of allowed views across all media.

  • Allowed Views Per Video: Total amount of allowed views per video of the purchased media.

  • Plays: How many times media has been played with the password.


Next to each Password you will see 3 Icons in the Options Column:

  • Enable / Disable: ย The Check Mark โœ… / Cross โŒ icons allow you to enable or disable the sold Ticket. When a ticket has been disabled the the buyer will no longer be able to access the purchased videos or playlists.

  • Ticket Usage Statistics & Analytics: The Graph ๐Ÿ“ˆ icon will take you to the detailed password analytics for the currently selected password.

  • Delete: You can delete the current password by clicking on the Delete ๐Ÿ—‘ icon. The deleted password will stop functioning and any related media will not be accessible with the deleted Password.


  • To edit a Password's expiry parameters please select the password you wish to edit from the Password Management Panel.

  • On the right hand editing panel you will be able to change and update the parameters.

  • Expiry Period: Here you can change when the password will expire. You can either set it to Unlimited or a specified expiration date.

  • Allowed Views: Here you can set the Total amount of allowed views across all the related media. By default it is set to unlimited. When set to limited please enter a number to limit the amount.

  • Allowed Views Per Video: Here you can set the Total amount of allowed views per Video. by default it is set to unlimited. When set to limited please enter a number to limit the amount.

  • Tags: Here you can add custom Tags to your passwords. This is great if you want to keep track of you password categories or make internal notes etc... To create Tags simply enter your desired text. You can create multiple tags by comma ( , ) separating them.

Please click on the ๐Ÿ” Update button to save any changes made to your password expiry parameters.


  • To export all your passwords to a .CSV file simply click on the Export Passwords to .CSV button located at the top right within the Password management Panel.

  • You can also copy a XML export link by clicking on the </> Copy XML Export Link button.

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