You can delete any the Custom Password Packages you have created. If you want to check out some Password Restriction Demos and extra information please visit our Password Protection information page.


  • To edit the Password Packages for your videos you will need to go to to ⚙️ Settings > Access Control 🔽 > Password Protection

  • In the Password Packages section you will see the current packages available. 

  • When hovering your mouse over one of your custom Password packages you will see 3 buttons being displayed next to the package name.

  • By clicking on the 🗑 Trashcan icon, you are able to delete the current Password Package.

  • You will be presented with a pop up information box asking you if you want to delete the current Password package

  • If the Password package was applied to any videos or playlists you also get the opportunity to revise any affected media by clicking on the Summary buttons.

When happy with the changes, you can simply click on the green Confirm button to apply the desired changes.

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