This article is part of the Password Protection series.

In order for you to password protect a video / playlist OR allow someone to bypass a paywall, you need to either set a simple password (covered in prev article) or create an advanced password protection package (see below)

The concept:

  1. Create an advanced password package ( see below ).
  2. Create one or multiple Password Group(s) (containers) and add randomly generated or custom passwords to the password group(s).
  3. Link the advanced password package to a specific video or entire playlist.
  4. Provide each viewer with a unique password ( recommended ). 
  5. A viewer can then open any of your videos or playlists that are linked to an advance package that has inside the password group, which holds the password that you gave to that viewer.


  • To create new Password Packages you will need to go to ⚙️ Settings > Access Control 🔽 > Password Protection
  • Here you will see a list of your current Password Packages as well as the default Access Without Password package. 
  • To create our new Password Package you will need to click on the ➕New Package button.
  • Now in the Password Package Setup Panel in the center, give your Password package a name

Show Password Wall To Viewer: Choose when your viewer sees the Password Wall. 

  • Immediately: The immediately option will bring up the password request as soon as the viewers press the play on the Player.
  • With Delay: Here you can enter a set amount of seconds of Free Viewing Time before the Password Wall will be displayed to the viewer after they press the play button.
  • To save your Password Package simply click on the green ✅ Save button below.

With your Password Package created you are now able to add Password Groups to it. 

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