This article is part of the Password Protection series.

  • To set a all videos and media files within a Playlist to be password protected, simply click onto the Playlist button in your Media Section.

  • Select the Playlist you would like to change to Password Protected.

  • With the Playlist selected click on the Access Control tab in the settings bar.

  • Under Password Protection you can simply select your desired Password package from the drop down menu. (If you have not created a Password Package yet, please follow this tutorial -> )

  • Save your changes by clicking on the green ✅ Save button

  • This will open a popup information box asking you if you want to change the current default package to your newly chosen Password Package.

  • In the popup you get the opportunity to revise any affected media by clicking on the Summary buttons.

  • Select the media you wish to apply the new Package to by selecting the ☑️ Check Mark next to it.

  • If you are happy with the changes you made, simply click on the green Confirm button to apply the desired changes.

You have now applied your chosen Password Package to your desired Playlist.

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