As soon as you create an Advanced Paywall Offer and add tickets to it, you will see a section called Existing PPV Tickets on the right pane. 


When you want to give your customers access to additional content. Using an existing ticket with a new paywall means that you give access to anyone who has already purchased this ticket. 


Imagine you have two playlists with video lessons: Guitar Basics and Guitar Tuning

You’ve added 20 videos to the Guitar Basics playlist and created a Paywall Offer with three options: Single Video Access, 10-Day Pass, Monthly Subscription.

You’ve applied this paywall to your entire Guitar Basics playlist. 

In Guitar Tuning, you have 10 more videos and you want to make these lessons available to all of your paying subscribers. Instead of creating a new ticket, you can simply reuse the Monthly Subscription ticket. Here’s how.

1. Create a new paywall.
2. Click Existing PPV Tickets on the right.
3. Click the ticket you want to add. In this example, it’s called Monthly Subscription. The added ticket will be grayed out.

5. Apply your new paywall to your Guitar Tuning playlist. Your paying subscribers now have access to this content because you’ve used the same PPV ticket. They will be able to watch both Guitar Basics and Guitar Tuning.
6. Click ✅ Save at the bottom of the screen.


Now let’s suppose that you want to sell your Guitar Tuning course in a similar way to the Guitar Basics course. But now you want the Single Video Access ticket to cost $3.99 and the 10-Day Pass to cost $10.99.

In this case, you’ll need to create two new tickets for these use cases:

We’ve used green for the newly added tickets simply to make it easier for you to follow the tutorial. You can use any color you like. 

Watch this video for more information.


To save time, you can clone an existing paywall instead of creating a new one. Click the arrow next to the ✅ Save button, and then click Save As.

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