If you've already created at least one Paywall Package, then you should see on the right pane a section called Existing PPV Tickets. Simply click on one of them to add it to your Paywall. 

Important! When should you use existing PPV Tickets instead of creating a new one?

Imagine you have two playlists. Series A and Series B

In Series A playlist you've added 20 videos as part of your Series A course.

You've created a Paywall 1 with Ticket 1, Ticket 2, and Ticket 3 in it. You've also applied Paywall 1 to the entire Series A playlist.

In Series B, you have 10 other videos.

You've created a Paywall 2, but instead of creating a new set of tickets, you have added the existing Ticket 1 in it. You've also applied Paywall 2 to the entire Series B playlist.

This way, you allow buyers, who purchased Ticket 1, to watch all media across the Series A and Series B playlists since they are all linked to Paywalls that include Ticket 1 in them.



  • To add an existing Tickets create a new Paywall
  • Now with the new Paywall created select the Existing PPV Tickets section from right hand configuration pane.
  • With the Existing PPV Tickets expanded you will see any previously created Tickets.
  • Simply click on your desired ticket to add it to the current Paywall.

To save your Tickets and Paywall simply click on the green ✅ Save button below.

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