This article will show you how to add a new ticket to your paywall and walk you through the main options. You'll learn how to:

💲 Sell media: Charge a one-time fee and give your viewers unlimited access to your content.
💵 Rent media:  Charge a one-time fee and give your viewers access for a specific number days, e.g. 7-day video pass.
💰 Offer subscriptions: Charge a recurring (monthly or yearly) fee.
🎛️ Create custom PPV tickets: Mix and match all options to create your custom PPV tickets.

⚠️Important! If you want to use an existing PPV ticket, see this article first or watch this video.

Let's get started.


1. Make sure you have created an advanced Paywall Offer.
2. Make sure you are in ⚙️ Settings > Pay-Per-View 🔽 > Paywalls & Tickets and your paywall offer is selected.

3. Click the large ➕ Add Ticket button. (Watch Video)
4. Click Edit PPV Ticket on the right to adjust the ticket properties.

  • Ticket Price: Enter your fee.

  • Currency: Select the currency you want to receive your payments in.

  • Sell/Rent/Subscription/All: We'll cover each one of these below.

  • Title: Give your ticket a short title that explains what they are buying, e.g. Single Video Access, Monthly Subscription.

  • Description: This text will appear when the viewer clicks Read More. Use it to give further information about the ticket terms.

  • ☑️ Single Video Access: Enable this option to make the ticket valid only for the  video it was purchased from. 

  • Ticket Color: Choose a color that best suits your branding and your player theme.

  • Prevent Ticket Sharing: Enable two-factor authentication that restricts viewing to only one device at a time. 


You charge a one-time fee for unlimited access to a specific video or playlist. Check ☑️ Single Video Access if you want to make the ticket valid only for the video it was purchased from.


You charge a one-time fee for limited access to a specific video or playlist. Check ☑️ Single Video Access if you want to make the ticket valid only for the  video it was purchased from.

  • Renting Period:
    Calc from the purchase date: Enter the number of days/months/years you want your ticket to be valid for. For example, if you want viewers to be able to watch your content for 7 days after purchasing the ticket, use this option.
    Valid till specific date and time: Use the calendar to select a specific expiry date and time. This is very useful if you're running recurring live PPV events. Say you run a live event on Sept 17th and you set the ticket to expire on Sept 19th. Then, on Oct 21st, you decide to run another live PPV event. You can simply reuse the live stream player and set your new PPV tickets to expire on Oct 23rd.

  • Set Max Ticket Usage Limit: You can use this option to limit the the number of views. For example, if you have 10 videos in the playlist, you might choose to set this option to 20 which can be 2 views of each video in the playlist or 20 views of 1 single video. If you want to tune this further, use the next option.

  • Set Max Ticket Usage Per Video Limit: This option will determine exactly how many times the viewer can play each specific video. 


You charge a recurring fee for access to your media. 

Recurring Period: Specify how often the viewer will be charged. If you set this Monthly Recurring and set ticket price to $15, your viewers will automatically be charged $15 every month. Alternatively, if you set the ticket price to $120 and this option to Yearly Recurring, your viewers will be charged $120 every year.


This contains all options from Sell, Rent and Recurring. Use is to design your custom PPV ticket and charge your viewers however you want. 

To save your tickets and paywall, click on the green ✅ Save button below.


You can add more tickets to your paywall to specify different purchasing options. For example, you can use the Sell option to create a single video ticket and the subscription option to create a monthly subscription ticket. 

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