A Simple PPV Ticket enables your viewers to buy a one-time ticket and watch your content. That's it. 

An Advanced Paywall Offer gives you much more control over your PPV tickets and unlocks many additional options. For example, you can let viewers choose between renting your video for 5 days or paying a monthly subscription

The first step you need to take to use this functionality is to create a new Paywall Offer Package. 


1. Go to ⚙️ Settings > Pay-Per-View 🔽 > Paywalls & Tickets.
2. Click ➕New Paywall and type a name.
3. Show Paywall To Viewer: 

  • Immediately: This is the default setting. The paywall will pop up right after the viewer clicks the ▶️ play button. 

  • With Delay: Use this setting to let viewers watch several seconds (or minutes) for free. Type for how many seconds you want to delay the paywall, e.g. 30, 60 (1 minute), 90 (1:30 minutes), and so on.

4. Click the ✅ Save button at the bottom of your screen. 

Next Step: Add Pay-Per-View Tickets to Your Paywall


After the payment is made directly to your PayPal or another payment processor, the viewer is given access automatically.

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