You can set an entire Playlist to your preferred Pay-Per-View package. This will make all videos and media files within the playlist to your chosen Pay-Per-View package. All future videos that are added to the playlist will automatically have the currently active Pay-Per-View package applied to them. If you want to check out some Pay-Per-View Demos and extra information please visit our Pay-Per-View information page.


  • To set a Pay-Per-View Package to all videos and media files within a Playlist simply click onto the Playlist button in your Media Section.

  • Select the Playlist you would like to change to Pay-Per-View.

  • With the Playlist selected click on the Monetize tab in the settings bar.

  • Under Paywall you can simply select your desired Pay-Per-View package from the drop down menu.

  • Save your changes by clicking on the green ✅ Save button

  • This will open a popup information box asking you if you want to change the current default package to your newly chosen Pay-Per-View package.

  • In the popup you get the opportunity to revise any affected media by clicking on the Summary buttons.

  • Select the media you wish to apply the new Package to by selecting the ☑️ Check Mark next to it.

  • If you are happy with the changes you made, simply click on the green Confirm button to apply the desired changes.

You have now applied your chosen Pay-Per-View package to your desired Playlist.


When you have set your Playlist or Videos to Pay-Per-View, you will also get an option to select a Order Confirmation Email that will be sent to the buyer after making a purchase. You can use the default one or create your own ones. To learn how to create Order Confirmation Emails please checkout our tutorial.

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