When it comes to the settings Media have applied to them there are 3 different layers of settings to consider:

  • Manually Applied Settings: On top we have any manually applied settings you may have chosen for individual Media. These take the top Priority over Default and Playlist Settings.
  • Playlist Settings: The next layer is the Playlist Settings chosen for each Playlist. These overwrite the Default Media settings for the selected Media but not the Manually applied settings. 
  • Default Settings: At the base of all settings you will find the Default Settings for each setting type which can be chosen from Settings Panel. 


  • To access the Playlist Settings Panel simply select the ▼ Playlist category in the left navigation panel. 
  • In the central management panel you will now see a list of all of your Playlists. 
  • Simply select the desired Playlist and open the Playlist Settings Panel by clicking on the General Tab below.
  • This will expand the full view of the settings panel.

Here you are now able to change:


  • Playlist Title
  • Placement of newly added videos


  • Pay-Per-View
  • Free To watch
  • Custom Pay-Per-View Package
  • Playlist Ads
  • No Ads
  • Custom Vast / VPaid Advertisement Server

Access Control

  • Password Restriction On / Off
  • Adding restrictions such as Domain, Geo or IP restrictions


  • Default Video Delivery
  1. HLS
  2. Encrypted HLS Delivery ( Mobile Compatible )
  3. Progressive Download ( Legacy over Flash )
  • Cookie Hotlinking Protection
  • IP Hotlinking Protection
  • Default Live / WebTV / Live IP Cams Delivery
  1. HLS
  2. Encrypted HLS
  3. RTMP ( Legacy over Flash )
  • Cookie Hotlinking Protection
  • IP Hotlinking Protection


  1. Custom Branding Package
  2. No Branding
  3. Sponsored Branding


  1. Online ( Videos are currently available to viewers )
  2. Specific Date & Time ( Specifically scheduled times )
  3. Daily Scheduling ( Specifically scheduled times )
  4. Weekly ( Specifically scheduled times )
  5. Offline ( Videos are currently unavailable )

If you make any changes save them by clicking on the green ✔ Save button located in the settings bar.

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