Playlist Settings allow you to change selected media settings and apply them to all media with a playlist. As an example you may be a producer and have multiple clients. All media within Playlist 1 May need to be branded for Client 1 and all media within Playlist 2 may need to be Branded for Client 2. The same applies for settings such as Pay-Per-View where you could apply different Pricing Structures for each Playlist or with Password Protection you could link different Password Groups to each playlist. The Possibilities are endless. If you want to check out some demos and and extra information please visit our Playlists information page


When it comes to the settings Media have applied to them there are 3 different layers of settings to consider:

  • Manually Applied Settings: On top we have any manually applied settings you may have chosen for individual Media. These take the top Priority over Default and Playlist Settings.
  • Playlist Settings: The next layer is the Playlist Settings chosen for each Playlist. These overwrite the Default Media settings for the selected Media but not the Manually applied settings. 
  • Default Settings: At the base of all settings you will find the Default Settings for each setting type which can be chosen from Settings Panel. 


  • To access the Playlist Settings Panel simply select the ▼ Playlist category in the left navigation panel. 
  • In the central management panel you will now see a list of all of your Playlists. 
  • Simply select the desired Playlist and open the Playlist Settings Panel by clicking on the General Tab below.
  • This will expand the full view of the settings panel.

Here you are now able to change:


  • Playlist Title
  • Placement of newly added videos


  • Pay-Per-View
  • Free To watch
  • Custom Pay-Per-View Package
  • Playlist Ads
  • No Ads
  • Custom Vast / VPaid Advertisement Server

Access Control

  • Password Restriction On / Off
  • Adding restrictions such as Domain, Geo or IP restrictions


  • Default Video Delivery
  1. HLS
  2. Encrypted HLS Delivery ( Mobile Compatible )
  3. Progressive Download ( Legacy over Flash )
  • Cookie Hotlinking Protection
  • IP Hotlinking Protection
  • Default Live / WebTV / Live IP Cams Delivery
  1. HLS
  2. Encrypted HLS
  3. RTMP ( Legacy over Flash )
  • Cookie Hotlinking Protection
  • IP Hotlinking Protection


  1. Custom Branding Package
  2. No Branding
  3. Sponsored Branding


  1. Online ( Videos are currently available to viewers )
  2. Specific Date & Time ( Specifically scheduled times )
  3. Daily Scheduling ( Specifically scheduled times )
  4. Weekly ( Specifically scheduled times )
  5. Offline ( Videos are currently unavailable )

If you make any changes save them by clicking on the green ✔ Save button located in the settings bar.

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