• Add videos from within a playlist by selecting the ▼ Playlist in the left navigation panel which will show us any current videos within the playlist. 

  • Then click on the ➕Add Media Button to upload any videos or create a Live Player right within the playlist.

  • Here you can choose which type of media you would like to add. The destination playlist is already pre set by showing us the Current Playlist as the destination.


  • To add existing media to a playlist we simply go to the desired Video or Live stream sections such as All Media.

  • Here we click on the ☑️ left selection boxes of the videos we would like to add.

  • Then hover your pointer to the left next side to any of the selected videos. This changes the pointer to a ⫶⫶⫶ Move Cursor.

  • Now click and keep the mouse button pressed whilst dragging the videos to your desired Playlist.

  • Whist dragging your videos you can see a summary of how many videos you are moving.

  • When you are over your chosen playlist simply release the mouse button and you will be presented with a Pop Up message asking you to select one of 3 actions:

↙️ Move

This will permanently move the video to the selected playlist. For example if you Move a video from one Playlist 1 to Playlist 2 it will be removed from Playlist 1 and will only be available in Playlist 2.

📄📄 Copy

This will create an individual copy (or clone) of the video. Say you copied a video from Playlist 1 to Playlist 2 you can change video settings such as Branding, PayPerView, Restrictions and Titles individually , without affecting each other

🔗 Shortcut

This option creates a linked copy of the video from one section to another. For example if you changed the branding of the original video in Playlist 1 it would also change the branding of the Shortcut copy in Playlist 2. Shortcutted copies are all linked to each other.

  • Once your desired move action has been chosen you can see the videos you have added by selecting the destination Playlist in the Media navigation panel.


  • Add videos from the All Media section simply click on the ➕Add Media button.

  • Select your prefered media that you would like to add.

  • Now select the Playlist you want to add your Media to in the "Save In" drop down menu.

  • Click on the green ⬆︎ Upload or ⨁ Create button to finish.

Now that you have create a Playlist and added media to it, you are able to publish it to your viewers.

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