Method 1: Use Raw Plugin

  1. Download Raw Plugin

  2. Install and activate it.

3. Go to your StreamingVideoProvider's control panel > Select the video or playlist you wish to publish.

4. Select Embedded Code and click on Copy to Clipboard. ( see full article )

3. Go to your Wordpress site > Pages or Posts > Enter the page you wish to embed the video /playlist onto.

4. Switch to Text mode and enter


paste the embed code you've copied from step 4 in between the tags.


Method 2 - Publish with an iframe code

  1. Select the video or playlist you wish to publish

  2. Select the Shareable Link option from the Quickpublish menu

  3. Click Copy To Clipboard

  4. Go to WordPress page or post where you wish to embed the player/playlist.

  5. Switch to Text mode.

  6. Enter

<iframe frameborder="0" width="100%" height="720px" src="https://url" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Please note that "https://url" part must be changed with the actual link that was copied to your clipboard as described in Step 3.

Watch this video to walk you through the above steps in case you had trouble following them.

Method 3 - Use code Code Embed Plugin ( more complicated )

  1. Open your WordPress Administration Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.

  2. In the plugin section search for the "Code Embed" plugin and click on "Install Now".

  3. Once you have installed the Raw HTML plugin click on the Activate button located under the Code Embed in your Plugin section. 

  4. Simply create a new page or post and give it a name.

  5. In the Post or page click on the Screen Options dropdown menu. Located in the top right of your screen.

  6. From the Dropdown menu enable the Custom Fields Box and close the dropdown menu.

  7. Now you will see the Custom Fields Entry below your Post.

  8. Under Name enter the shortcode you would like to use for your embed code such as CODE1 (The name can be anything you want and is there to identify and embed your player code.)

  9. Now copy the embedded code form the StreamingVideoProvider publishing panel and paste it in the Value Box.

  10. Click Add Custom field to save.

  11. In your post you now simply need to add {{ then the name of your code and }} to close. For example, {{CODE1}} this will then place the code in the chosen space on your WordPress page.

  12. Publish the post and enjoy your video.

Note: repeat steps 8 to 11 for new players and codes. 

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