1. Connect Your RTSP camera to your router LAN or WiFi network

  2. Login to your Management Panel

  3. Click on All Media button in the left hand navigation bar.

  4. Now click on the Add Media button located on the top Media view.

  5. Select the Live IP Cams tab.

  6. Here you can enter a Player Title to identify your Live IP Cam Player in the future. 

  7. IP RTSP Camera Address; Enter the link to your IP camera including the username and password placed within the link such as:


📝 Note: Simply replace the username and password part with your the one from your IP camera. After the @ sign place the public IP address for your camera and after the colon : goes the Port number

  • Destination; Here you can choose if you wish to add the newly created Live IP Cam Player to the Default Playlist which is the where any videos that are not part of a specific playlist will be located. Or if you wish to add the Live IP Cam Player to a specific playlist.

  • Now simply click on the green ✅ Save button to create the Live IP Cam Player. 


  1. Simply select your Live IP Cam Player

  2. Then click on the Live IP Cams tab within the settings panel.

  3. Here you will see all your current settings for your Live IP Cam Player and are able to make any changes desired.

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