We offer an iOS application called EzeCaster Mobile with which you can stream from your iOS device (Up to iOS 10). The application is available from Business+ onwards and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store Here 

📝 NOTE: Currently EzeCaster Mobile supports up to iOS 10. For iOS 11 and higher you can use the RTMP Streamer App to do Live Event Streams with your iPhone and iPad.


  1. To Start please download the App from the Apple App store and install it on your iPhone or iPad. Once installed start the application and click on the Login with SVP details button. 

  2. Then enter your StreamingVideoProvider Username and Password. And click on the Login button. This will open the panel and load all of your videos.

  3. Here you can either use an existing live player or create a new one.


  • To create a new Live Player from EzeCaster Mobile click on the + Plus button and then click on the Create New Live Event button. 

  • On the next screen simply enter the title you would wish to give to your live broadcast such as My First Broadcast.

  • You can also enable the More Settings button where you will be presented with the options to enter Tags or assign the live player to a Playlist or Folder.

  • You can now choose to Go Life Now or click on the Go Live Later button to start your Life event at a later date.

  • Back in the panel we can open the player setting by selecting the Settings button. Here you can once again enter the Title and Meta Data of your Player and you also get options to Preview or Copy of the player Links and Embed Codes.


  1. We will now start the live stream of our newly created player by clicking on the Stream button. This opens our Live Broadcast panel.

  2. In the broadcast panel we have a Settings option. Here we can choose our Video Size, Frames per second, transmission and keyframe interval.

  3. Once ready click on the Save button to return to the broadcast panel.

  4. You can also adjust the Transmission Rate with the Slider in the lower left.

  5. To start your Live stream simply click on the Go Live button. This will change the indicator to On Air. When finished simply simply click on the Red Button to stop the stream. 

  6. You can now return to your management panel by pressing the X Button


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