⚠️Important! Please don't use Select Source > Webcam. This option will soon be deprecated.


1. Create a free account or log in.  
2. Create a new live stream if you don't have one or you need a new live stream player.
3. Select your live stream and click 🎥 Live Studio at the top of the screen.

CASE 1: No streaming software installed

1. If you don't have any streaming software installed, just click the Download OBS button in 🎥 Live Studio. This will download a pre-configured OBS setup file that is ready to work with StreamingVideoProvider.

2. Open the OBS installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
3. Click the ➕  plus button in OBS Sources

4. Select Video Capture Device > Create New and enter a name, e.g. webcam. Click OK.
5. From the Device drop down select your webcam and click OK.
6. Click Start Streaming in OBS.
7. Your webcam preview should now be visible in the StreamingVideoProvider 🎥 Live Studio. Click Start Broadcast.

CASE 2: OBS already installed

1. While in the StreamingVideoProvider 🎥 Live Studio, click Select Source > RTMP Encoders.
2. Go to OBS Settings  (bottom right corner of the screen).
3. Switch to Stream and select Custom from the Service drop down. 

4. Copy the RTMP URL and Stream Key from the StreamingVideoProvider 🎥 Live Studio to the OBS Stream Settings.
5. Click OK to save your OBS settings.
6. Your webcam preview should be visible in the StreamingVideoProvider 🎥 Live Studio. Click Start Broadcast

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