In this article you will learn how you can use a Camera, a Computer and a Capture Card. Then install Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder or another software encoder such as Wirecast as well as h264 video codec and AAC audio codec on your system and connect the camera to the computer via the capture card. To send your Live Stream to your Live Player. If you want to check out some Live Streaming Demos and extra information please visit our Live Streaming information page.


  1. Install Flash Media Live Encoder on your computer. You can downloaded it from here: Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder Download
  2. Connect your capture card in accordance to the instructions supplied with your card to your computer.
  3. Connect the camera and audio source to your capture card.
  4. Open your Flash Media Live Encoder and ensure that your capture card is displayed as source then select it.
  5. Choose H264 as video codec and AAC as audio codec for the transmission.
  6. Login to your account, Create a new Live Player or use one of your existing ones.
  7. Select the Live Player you wish to use in the Central Media View
  8. Now select the 🎥 Live Studio button in the top media view. This will open the Live Studio as a Pop up. 
  9. Choose RTMP Encoder as your Source.
  10. Copy the RTMP URL and paste it into the FMS URL: box in Flash Media Live encoder.
  11. Copy the RTMP Stream and paste it into the Stream: box in Flash Media Live encoder.
  12. The above settings are sufficient if you want to stream as a single bitrate live stream. 
  13. Start sending the signal from Flash Media Live Encoder by clicking the Start Button and check that it's being received in the 🎥 Live Studio.
  14. Start and Stop your broadcast from the 🎥 Live Studio.


The Video "Format" must be set to H264 ( NOT VP6 )

The "Bit Rate" must not exceed your upload speed. To find out what your current upload speed click here  

  • (For live streaming to iOS mobile devices Audio codec must be AAC (not mp3 or NellyMoser) with sample rate 48000) 
  • By default FMLE for MAC OS comes with the AAC audio codec. However the PC version doesn't; For PC you will need to purchase a plugin for $180 from Mainconcept to stream successfully to iOS mobile devices.

Auto Adjust must be enabled and Degrade Quality selected


If you wish to send a Multi Bitrate Live Stream then you simply need to edit the RTMP Stream by adding %i at the end of the Stream in Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder.

Now simply enable multiple Bit Rates to start sending your Multi Bitrate Live Stream 


Stream URL = 


Stream = 

  1. ☑️ 1800kbps 1080x1920
  2. ☑️ 1200kbps 720x1280
  3. ☑️ 600kbps 480x360



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