• To create branding packages for your videos you will need to go to the Settings tab. 

  • Here under Setup you will find the Brandings section which shows us the current packages available.

  • First we click on the New Branding Button

  • This will open the Branding Setup Panel on the right.

  • Here we can give our Branding package a name. For example: YourCompany.

  • Under Branding Type choose Text which will display your brand as a text based overlay on the player.

  • Under Text to be displayed enter our desired text that the viewer will see in the player For example YourCompany.

  • Now you will select the Link Address field and enter the web link where your viewers will be sent to if they click on the player branding that we are creating. For example

  • Now we simply click on the green Save button to save our newly created branding package

Your new Branding Package is now located with the other Branding Packages.

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