You can remotely upload single video as well as audio files by using our quick Remote Upload feature. The cloud server will automatically copy the file that you wish to transfer to your StreamingVideoProvider Media Cloud. In this article we will guide you though all the necessary steps to remotely upload your media files. You can find out more about remote uploaders by visiting our Uploaders Feature page. If you wish to remotely upload multiple media files at once please visit our Setting up Remote Sources guide.


  • First we click on the All Media button in the left hand navigation bar.

  • Now click on the Add Media button located on the top Media view.

  • This opens a popup asking you which media you would like to add.

  • Select the Remote Upload tab.

  • To add a single remote video simply enter the full path to the remote media.

HTTP Links will need to be added with their full address such as: 


FTP Links will need to have the username and password placed within the link such as:
  • Simply replace the username part with your username and the password part with your password. Both are separated by a colon ( : )

  • Now select your Destination; Here you can choose if you wish to add the selected videos to the Default Playlist which is the where any videos that are not part of a specific playlist will be located. Or if you wish to upload to a specific playlist.

  • Set Metadata; Here you can choose from specific Metadata forms. We have created a Default Form which gives you Metadata such as Video Title, Tags, Short Description and Long Description. If you wish to add your own Metadata please see Metadata Forms

  • If you type in any Metadata in the upload form before uploading, it will be applied to all of the videos that are being uploaded.

  • Now simply click on the green Upload button to start uploading your videos. 

  • The Add Media popup will then be minimised to a icon in the bottom right corner of your panel. Showing you the progress of your upload until completed.


  • You can click on the Percentage icon in the panel whilst uploading to show detailed information of your upload, Pause the upload or cancel and deleted any uploads you don't want anymore.

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Remote Uploads:

External Uploads:

Upload Logs:

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